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The Cognitus Foundation, an extension of the IT recruiting behemoth, BetterWay Devs, signifies a monumental shift in the technological education realm of Colombia. At its core, the initiative grapples with the pressing talent gap confronted by smaller firms, accentuated due to tighter budgets. What sets Cognitus apart is its revolutionary blend of an advanced curriculum dovetailed with real-world apprenticeship exposures, creating a conduit that harmoniously melds academic prowess with the demands of the industrial frontier.

  • Holistic Approach: Seamlessly integrating enriched curriculums with immersive, on-ground experiences, ensuring unparalleled job readiness.
  • Expanding Horizons: Casting a wider net by focusing on Colombia's marginalized communities and ushering in change through tech education.

How Cognitus Foundation Started: A Quick Background

The Cognitus Foundation's inception traces back to a deeply entrenched vision by BetterWay Devs. Beyond their primary objective of scouting tech talent, they envisioned a world where they could cultivate and refine it. The foundation thus emerged with a two-fold mission. First, democratizing high-caliber tech education, making it universally accessible. Second, creating a seamless bridge between theoretical learning and real-world applications ensures the youth's effortless integration into the job marketplace

At its heart, Cognitus resonates with BetterWay Devs' foundational principles: to identify the glaring discrepancies in tech education, and to arm the upcoming generation with a robust arsenal of skills, ensuring their success in the fiercely competitive tech arena.

Relevant Statistics: Facts and Figures

The Cognitus Foundation's expansive reach and deep-rooted impact are best captured through these illuminating figures:

  • Over its journey, it has reshaped the lives of more than 300 young souls.
  • In 2023 alone, they catalyzed transformative change for 196 students.
Person In-Charge
  • Pablo Velasquez - CEO
  • Luisa Peña - CAO
  • Laura Pulgarin - HR Recruiter

Positive Impact Created

The Cognitus Foundation's ethos revolves around an enriched, 360-degree tech educational model. Beyond traditional learning, the initiative aims to produce graduates with insight and resilience to tackle real-world tech challenges. Through Cognitus, BetterWay Devs reiterates its unwavering belief: given the right avenues and platforms, talent can transcend boundaries and shine, regardless of its origins.

A Real Impact

The journey of Camilo encapsulates the Cognitus Foundation's transformative essence. From eking out a living on the streets of Armenia, Colombia, to emerging as a proficient software developer, Camilo's narrative is a beacon of hope. Today, he isn't just a tech professional but an emblem of inspiration in his community, underscoring the limitless potential of education when paired with unwavering grit and tenacity.

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Cognitus Foundation Initiative by BetterWay Devs won the Bronze Award for the Education category of the Outsourcing Impact Review.

BetterWay Devs, a revered stalwart in the IT recruiting domain, has ventured beyond traditional confines with the Cognitus Foundation Initiative. With a vision to narrow the chasm between academia and the professional sphere, especially focusing on Colombia's underprivileged segments, BetterWay Devs stands as a testament to the transformative power of quality education infused with genuine empathy, churning out not just professionals but agents of societal change.

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