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Carbon Footprint Initiative

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Carbon Footprint Initiative

Outsourcing Impact Review: Sourcefit Inc.

Sourcefit, with its Carbon Footprint Initiative, is not just another outsourcing solutions provider; it's a harbinger of positive environmental change. While addressing the prevalent environmental concerns, this endeavor also stands as a testament to Sourcefit's unwavering commitment to the community.

In a world teetering on the precipice of environmental challenges, Sourcefit is making assertive strides in the right direction, showcasing a model that other businesses can emulate. The difference Sourcefit is creating goes beyond business metrics; it's about preserving the planet for future generations.

  • Championing Sustainable Practices: Emphasizing waste management, energy conservation, and sustainable purchasing.
  • Infusing Responsibility: Empowering management and employees to take actionable steps towards reducing carbon emissions.

How Carbon Footprint Initiative Started: A Quick Background

The Carbon Footprint Initiative manifests Sourcefit's dedication to environmental and community well-being. Realizing the urgent need to address environmental sustainability, Sourcefit embarked on this journey with a clear vision: to understand and reduce their carbon footprint and galvanize the entire BPO sector in the Philippines towards this direction.

Furthermore, the company recognized that environmental consciousness isn't just about global change; it begins at home. They wanted to be the change they sought, underscoring the belief that even a single entity can make a monumental difference.

Sourcefit's proactive approach saw them develop a tailored Carbon Footprint Quiz. This wasn't an outsourced endeavor but an in-house creation, emphasizing Sourcefit's commitment to grasp the real impact and take genuine corrective measures.

Relevant Statistics: Facts and Figures

The impact of Sourcefit's Carbon Footprint Initiative is highlighted in these compelling statistics:

  • Touching lives during the festive season, their outreach extended holiday joy to 15,000 beneficiaries.
  • Their commitment to a greener planet is evident in reducing 2 tons of waste each time they distribute an organic basket, a significant step towards environmental conservation.
Person In-Charge

The accountability for this green transformation resides with the management, who sets the goals and policies, and the dedicated Sourcefit employees (the FitCrew), who implement these sustainable practices daily. They also owe a lot to the president of the company Andy Schachtel.

Positive Impact Created

Beyond just numbers, Sourcefit's approach to sustainability focuses on real-world impacts. They don't just reduce carbon footprints; they change lives. Through partnerships and community outreach, Sourcefit has ensured their sustainability journey is inclusive, enveloping the larger community in their vision for a greener future.

A Real Impact

The "Go Beyond" project vividly depicts Sourcefit’s tangible impacts. Transforming simple grocery packs into 4,000 baskets of locally sourced produce, they supported 91 farmers in Benguet and Cebu and cultivated an astonishing 270,900 square meters of farmland crops. This initiative underscores Sourcefit's commitment to reducing carbon footprints while uplifting local communities.

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Community Building

In numbers


reduction in carbon footprint score for 2023 vs. previous year


tree seedlings planted


farmers in Benguet and Cebu gained new livelihood opportunities


sustainable food baskets distributed in Barangay Bagumbayan in 2022


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With its groundbreaking initiative, Sourcefit is not only setting standards in the outsourcing industry but is also carving a niche as a pioneer in corporate sustainability. Their journey is an inspiration, a testament to the positive change businesses can bring about when they truly commit to a cause.

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